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Auto Insurance

Personal Auto

Saskatchewan licensed vehicles automatically carry SGI Auto Fund basic insurance coverage. In most cases, with basic plate insurance you get:
  • $700 deductible
  • $200,000 in liability protection
  • Basic personal injury coverage
Auto Policies provide additional insurance coverage to protect your family from major financial loss because basic plate insurance isn't enough protection.

We offer Auto Policies that extend your coverage with higher limits of liability, family security (covers against uninsured and under insured motorists), lower deductibles, and various options such as road hazard glass coverage, loss of use, and replacement cost coverage for new vehicles.

Some of these questions could help you build your own unique Package Policy suitable for your needs:
  1. Do you travel outside Saskatchewan? Then you may require more liability insurance as you're at greater risk of being sued or getting into an accident with an underinsured driver - especially if you travel in the U.S where insurance minimums can be as low as $25,000.
  2. Do you drive on rural highways or grid roads? With an Auto Policy, your deductible is waived if you hit wildlife; and if you add glass coverage, it will pay to fix damage to your windshield.
  3. Does your vehicle spend a lot of time outdoors? Auto Policy's comprehensive or specified perils coverage allows you to lower your deductible for hail damage. It's even waived for fire or lightning damage - or damaged due to theft of your entire vehicle.
  4. Does being without wheels cramp your style? Loss of Use coverage provides a rental vehicle if you're in an accident - keeping you on the road even if your vehicle is in the shop.
  5. Did you just buy a new car? Protect your investment by purchasing Replacement or Repair Cost coverage.
  6. Do you have a vehicle that you don't register all year round? As long as it's in storage and not used your policy extends for unregistered vehicle coverage. Though it isn't necessary to have your policy revised each time a vehicle becomes unregistered, we strongly urge you to advise your insurance broker and get their professional advice. There are a number of factors that come into play, and you could unintentionally place yourself in an uninsured position.
If you want more information on these products, please call us or ask for a quote online.

Commercial Auto

For vehicles that are used for business we offer a range of insurance products. Rating depends on many factors like your range of operation, what you're hauling, and what kind of vehicle you're using. Please contact one of our Commercial Auto brokers to discuss your needs.

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