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Specialty Insurance

Alcohol Liability Insurance

If you are planning a graduation, wedding, summer bbq or any special event - you should carry additional party alcohol liability insurance.

Hosting an event that involves alcohol creates an exposure to a lawsuit.

We have the capacity to insure your event with limits of up to $2M and crowds of any size. Call us for prices - it doesn't cost as much as you might think.

Hole-In-One Insurance

Hole-in-One Insurance has become very popular for Golf Tournaments.

We have several markets that are competitively priced for all your hole-in-one requirements. We'll need the following information to obtain your quote:
  • Date of the Tournament
  • Location
  • Which Hole is going to be insured
  • Yardage
  • Number of Golfers
  • Prize Value
Call us for quotes on your upcoming golf event!!

Commercial Storage Insurance

When you store your belongings in a commercial storage unit, you will often need to insure them on a separate policy.

We can offer you one-month to one-year policies at competitive prices. This gives you comprehensive coverage on a replacement basis.

Call us today to insure your belongings while you are between residences or away on an extended vacation or work project.
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