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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a claim?

How do I set up a mysgi account?

Does it cost anything to change my personal information?

What documents are required to change my name?

Can someone without a drivers license get photo ID?

Who can cancel my license plate?

How old does my vehicle have to be to be considered an "antique" and what coverage is included with the license plates?

How do I get a drivers abstract?

My vehicle is being used by my son/daughter who is going to school in another province. How does this change things?

My windshield has a recent stone chip in it. Am I covered and what must I do?

If I buy a vehicle out of province, what do I need in order to bring it back to Saskatchewan?

If my vehicle is unlicensed and parked in my garage my home insurance will cover it, right?

If I put in a claim, how much will my policy premium go up next year?

Why do I need to complete the RCT form on my home periodically if nothing in my house changes?

Why does my insurance value vary so much from the selling prices of homes in my neighbourhood?

Why should a claim that is not my fault, such as hail, affect my insurance rates?

I haven't had any claims, why does my insurance premium continue to increase?

Are there different kinds of home insurance policies?

I understand that water damage coverage varies from one policy to another. What should I be concerned about?

I live in a condo that has had extensive upgrades, am I covered?

I am a tenant in a high-rise apartment and I have very little belongings, do I really need tenant insurance?
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